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Learn more about the BLCK UNICRN x Artist collaboration process below.


Artist making music for the future.

Learn more about the BLCK UNICRN x Artist collaboration process below.



Dive into the future of artistic expression with BLCK UNICRN! Begin by experiencing our live experiences or joining our Digital Hub to understand this innovative medium. Then, create your immersive script and music.

For the first 100 artists, we offer guidance in crafting your unique immersive experience. Join us in revolutionizing the art of storytelling and music

Step 1: Sign Up For Our OneVerse Platform

Access One Verse Here

Step 2: Download Your Chosen Instrumental

Choose the beat that resonates most with you for your personalized immersive music experience

Step 3: Record and Upload Your Verse

Use your recording set up or or our recording capabilities to upload your verse

Step 4: Set Your Immersive Experience Date

Once your verse is uploaded we will set up your immersive experience

Step 5: Monetize

You will earn 50 percent of the revenue for your first immersive experience. You don't have to be present and will operate it on your behalf so that you earn passive revenue

Step 6: Add More of Your Creative Stamp

We'll start with only one verse to ensure that your fans and yourself enjoy your experience. You can then sign up for our digital hub to add more verses to your experience or leverage our infrastructure to create your own custom experience


Embark on a one-month creative odyssey with BLCK UNICRN to craft your next-generation music video and immersive experience. Our collaborative process blends your artistic vision with our innovative expertise, transforming your ideas into a stunning, multidimensional showcase.

Together, we'll navigate each step – from initial concept to final masterpiece – ensuring your immersive experience resonates with audiences like never before.


The culmination of your one-month journey with BLCK UNICRN is the grand unveiling of your immersive experience. Present your creative vision to our dedicated fanbase in our immersive space, captivating audiences with your next-generation music video and experience.

This is your moment to shine and monetize your artistry, as you connect with fans in a way they've never seen before.

Create. Produce. Perform.

Dive into the future of artistic expression with BLCK UNICRN!



Collaborate with Us

Collaborate with Us

Artist Requirements

  • Must have at least 10,000 followers across all platforms
  • Must pay a one time implementation fee ($0 - $10,000) for the experience set up and subscribe to the BLCK UNICRN digital hub 'visionary tier' - $14.99/month
  • Access to a space is ideal, but we have immersive spaces available

Time Commitment

  • The process of creating your immersive experience takes one month
  • Sign up for our digital hub, join our weekly support meetings , and connect with a BLCK UNICRN specialist to start building


  • The creator receives 50% - 70% of all proceeds from their live immersive experience based on our tiers of involvement
  • BLCK UNICRN takes 30% - 50% of all revenue generated via your immersive experience for startup costs, immersive experience implementation, and ongoing support.

Begin your artist journey HERE.

Apply to our accelerator HERE.